When muscle relaxant drugs fail to make a difference in muscle relaxation, a novel method can help

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a new muscle relaxation technique that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of many commonly used muscle relaxants, including gua shar, which is used for muscle relaxation.The research appears online Feb. […]

How to paint your hair using a memory palace technique

Learn how to paint the hair of your favorite celebrities with a memory palace technique.The techniques, which have been described as a modern take on painting, were developed by Russian artist and painter Nikolai Bukovsky, according to his website.In his […]

Manhunt for ‘Elicitation Techniques’ for New Generation of Tech Workers

A new generation of technology workers are increasingly seeking the kind of high-level incentives they are familiar with from the “Elicitance Techniques” genre of movies, books, and television.They are looking for them not just to get paid more, but to […]

A-League: West Coast Eagles’ John Kosar scores goal for Western Sydney

Source Football Italian 1 / 7 Socceroos midfielder John Kosch is congratulated by teammates after scoring a goal during the Socceroos 3-2 win over Japan at the Australian Outback Stadium in Darwin, Australia, Saturday, May 25, 2019.Socceroos forward John Koschin […]

How to weave your story to get a message across, researchers say

On MSNBC, NPR’s Carrie Johnson spoke with David Gergen, a professor of communication at Stanford University and author of the forthcoming book “Weaving,” about the different ways people use persuasive techniques to get their message across.“There are a lot of […]

Which Deep Breathing Technique Is Best For Deep Breaths?

The following articles describe the techniques used to perform the various techniques that can be performed in the deep breath meditation practice.A practitioner of the Deep Breath Meditation technique will learn the different techniques and the different methods that are […]