When tech giants fail to help you write better content

News organizations have long struggled with content and branding.

They’re now starting to see it as a challenge, with companies like Twitter and Snapchat launching content and brand programs aimed at their employees.

In some cases, these programs have been hugely successful.

Tech giants are trying to help them succeed.

In a new interview with Recode, a technology executive and CEO at an international news organization told Recode the biggest problem they face is that people are too used to reading stories online and not interested in reading stories offline.

This, he said, is creating a narrative that “is not relevant.”

The tech exec said the biggest challenge he sees with these programs is that it is very difficult to write compelling content on your own.

“The problem with stories online is you can’t even find people who want to read your content,” he said.

“People don’t want to go online and look at your content and go, ‘I’d like to do that.'”

Recode’s interview with the tech exec is below.

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