Brainwashing techniques: How to avoid getting caught in the brainwashing traps

How to keep yourself safe from the mind control trap of brainwashing techniques.

By Laura GaffneyBeware of brainwashed people who claim to be your friends or relatives.

They are the brainwashed.

They tell you that you are their friend and family, but they don’t actually believe it.

They are trying to make you believe that they love you, but you are actually the source of all the pain, sadness and anger.

They know that you hate them and you want them to leave you alone.

You don’t want to be brainwashed, but if you are, you will be.

You will get caught up in the trap.

You will get overwhelmed and feel as if you have been brainwashed and are unable to get out of it.

You may even start to feel as though you are powerless and trapped.

You need to know your brainwashing skills.

You can use the brainwash techniques outlined below to escape from brainwashing.

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