FourFour Two – The Story of The New Order Technique

4FourTwo has announced that its next two albums will feature collaborations with some of the biggest names in music.

The four-piece’s debut album The New Age has already been released on Apple Music, and the band is working on a new album with artists such as Drake, Travis Scott, and The Weeknd.

They’ll also release a second EP on April 8, 2018.

We’re stoked to share the latest news on our new album and EP releases, featuring some of our favourite artists, artists that we’ve always admired, and many more!

We’ve been hard at work creating new music for a new generation of fans and artists alike.

The New Age is the fourth album by the FourFourTwelve, a brand new group from Melbourne.

The group has been releasing new material regularly for years now, and their debut album was one of the most critically acclaimed releases of 2017.

The album, which was written and recorded entirely by The FourFourTones, was a massive success, reaching No. 1 on the Australian Billboard 200, Billboard Australia, and Billboard Music Awards.

FourFourThree and FourFour have also released albums under the FourFours name, including 2016’s The FourFits, which included collaborations with fellow FourFour, Krewella, and DJ Snake.

The band will also be releasing a new EP on their own label, The Four Four Records.