How to turn your favourite movies into textured painting tips and tricks

A new book has been launched to teach people how to turn their favourite films into textural paintings using techniques from visual art theory.

The textured art exhibition, called The Art of Textured Painting, has been created by the Institute of Visual Arts and the University of Warwick, and will open in November at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The Art of the Textured Paintings project is a collaboration between the UK’s Visual Arts Centre and Warwick University, and aims to teach students how to use the techniques and tools they learn to create new visual art.

One of the most popular techniques is called pranayamas, which involves creating scenes of light and dark colours that are then combined to create a new scene.

The techniques are also known as textured paintings, or textured films, which use light and shadows to create an image that is both textured and colourful.

Textured films are also used to create colour in video games and are sometimes used to represent real-life events such as events such the Notting Hill Carnival. 

This article originally appeared on Vulture UK.