How the ‘war on terror’ is destroying the United States and the world

The war on terror has been a failure.

It has not only failed to defeat al Qaeda, but has turned out to be a massive and costly failure of national security.

And it is not just that the United Nations Security Council has imposed sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program.

It is that the war on terrorism has also destroyed the United State.

This is a war that has been fought with bombs, not with the tools of democracy.

This has not been a victory for democracy, it has been an exercise in dictatorship.

As long as the war in Afghanistan continues, the war against terror will continue to grow, not shrink.

The war in Iraq is also a war against democracy.

And the war that will continue in Syria will continue.

The fight against ISIS, al Qaeda and other groups is a fight against democracy, not democracy itself.

This war is not a victory of democracy, but a victory against democracy itself and a triumph of war itself.

It’s a triumph that is, by and large, bipartisan, that has benefited the Republicans.

The Democrats, as a group, have been complicit in this war.

They are not.

They have voted to go into Iraq, the same way the Republicans did.

They voted to invade Iraq, but did not vote to go in Afghanistan.

They did not oppose the war with Libya.

They supported the war to overthrow the regime in Iran.

They were always ready to get involved in Syria.

They always opposed the war.

And so now they are prepared to get into Afghanistan and to be part of the war there.

They just need to stop supporting the war and start working to defeat it.

But they have also joined the war as if it were a winning war.

This was the case in the 1980s, when they supported the Reagan administration in launching the invasion of Nicaragua.

It was an example of a war to oust a dictator, and the only reason the United Sates lost was that the people there didn’t like it.

And they were prepared to accept the consequences of supporting a dictator.

In the 1980