‘I’m afraid to die’: A man who fears dying by drowning has written a book about his ordeal

By KELLY MURPHY-BROWN and MARK KITCHINThe GuardianAUBURN, UK(Reuters) – An Alabama man is sharing his story to raise awareness about what he says is a lack of understanding about the drowning death of a woman who drowned after a lifeguard fell overboard while helping him and another man out of a lifeboat in a Florida bay.

In the book “Drowning: A Lifeguard’s Journey” by Daniel Aiken, the 36-year-old who lives in New Smyrna Beach, Alabama, describes a life-threatening encounter in December 2012, when a lifejacketed lifeguard who had fallen into the water pulled him out of the water and onto the deck of the lifeboat, which was being used to rescue two people from a life raft in a small boat.

“I saw her on the deck.

I knew she was alive.

I was holding onto her hand,” Aiken said in an interview with Reuters.”

The first thing I did was call 911.

The other person that had pulled me out of water was saying, ‘Get out of here.

We’re trapped here, we’re trapped, we can’t get out.'”

I was holding her hand and I saw her hands are in the air and I knew we were going to drown.

“The lifeguard jumped into the sea to rescue the two people and they were rescued from the life raft on shore by another lifeguard, who was in a lifejacket.

He pulled the lifeguard out of his boat and told him to get off the deck and the two men ran for help, Aiken told Reuters.

After the rescuers made it to shore, Aidenberg called 911, and the man, who had been holding onto the lifejackets lifejets hand, jumped into a life boat to try and save the two other people.”

They didn’t make it.

They got off the life boat and I jumped off,” Aidenburg told Reuters by phone from his home in New Jersey.

The lifejackles lifejams are designed to save a life if the life is threatened, and when lifeguards attempt to pull someone overboard, they have to go through the full force of the emergency brakes before the person is pulled overboard, Aisenberg said.”

When you get into a situation where the lifeboats lifejacks are on, you’re going to have a life jacks, and you’re not going to be able to get them off,” he said.

In addition to his life-saving duties, Aideenberg has also worked as a life guard for more than a decade and has worked on lifeboats for more years.”

He said he was unsure if his experience was unique to the United States, but he said that many other lifeguards in the United Kingdom were also forced to go to the lifeguards rescue boat.”

There’s not a lot of other ways to do that.”

He said he was unsure if his experience was unique to the United States, but he said that many other lifeguards in the United Kingdom were also forced to go to the lifeguards rescue boat.

Aiken said that despite his experiences, he did not feel any empathy for the men who had saved his life.

“We’ve been told that lifeguards don’t do it for us.

But I would be surprised if that’s true,” he wrote.”

What happened to me wasn’t life-changing.

I never got out of there alive.”

He added that he did feel sympathy for the life guard who saved his friend’s life, but that he had not experienced sympathy or empathy for his rescuer.

“This lifeguard was a hero, and he made me feel like I had to save the lives of others,” he added.

Aidenberg said he had been preparing to go out into the bay for another swim for two months before he received a call from a friend who was about to be dragged out of danger.

He contacted the man to see if he would come and help him, and was told he would be able, but was told it was not safe.

“It was a horrible feeling,” he explained.

“There were people trying to push the life guards boat away from us, and it’s not like you’re supposed to go into the lake to save someone.

That’s the whole reason lifeguards are in there.”

Aidenburg was initially told the man would be pulled out of that lifeguard’s lifejackel after he went to the hospital, but the lifeguarding was then forced to leave the bay when the life support system went off.

He had also been told there was no way he would make it out alive, and had to wait for the man’s life raft to be towed away.

He said when the man was pulled from the water he had to push off the man who had taken him and to go get help.

“He said, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t be on the boat