‘I’m gonna have to do something’: A mother is using her son’s fighting skills to change her life

A mother who is using his fighting skills is going to have to use her own fists to make her son more resilient.

She told CBC News the training, called the Nutrient Film Technique, has taught him how to defend himself in the heat of battle.

“It’s not about just the weight of a blade, he’s been able to withstand blows from a sword and it’s about the way that he protects himself,” she said.

The training is taught to young children, who are taught to take a few hits before they have to start throwing punches, according to the mother.

“They are really not used to that and I have been telling them for years that they need to start thinking about how to protect themselves,” she told CBC.

Nutanik, who works in the construction industry, said he has been using the techniques for about three months and is now training with his father.

“I have been using this training for years now and it has really helped me to fight,” he said.

“So now I know what to do in order to protect myself and defend myself, and I’ve been teaching my father to do the same.”

A lot of his family has had to deal with issues related to mental illness, including anxiety and depression, so he is hoping the technique will help his mother cope.

“The most important thing is to get through it.

To be resilient, to not give up, to keep going and to be ready to face whatever comes in the future,” he explained.

The Nutrient Filtered Blade Technique is taught in the family’s home, and the family has been taking classes for the last two years.

“This is something I have wanted for my entire life,” Nutanik said.

“I have always been passionate about fighting and I was always looking for the next thing.

So it was a natural progression for me to use this technique.”