Why Russia’s Lip Technique Reveals the True Face of De-escalation Techniques

Posted February 18, 2018 09:37:49The Russian Lip Technique is a very effective technique for de-escalating situations. The Russian lip technique was developed by the Mikhail Sirota in 1932 and it has been around for decades. It is also known as Vodka Kiss, and it is […]

Why the ‘Spill the Beans’ movie was a great movie for people with no idea what a spill is

When The Expendables 2: The Secret Soldiers of Christmas was released in December 2014, there was a big debate about whether or not the film’s final action scene featured a bloodied, bloodied Christmas tree.It certainly didn’t help that it wasn’t […]

How do you motivate your team? Here are some tips to help you keep your team motivated

A recent study found that the more positive people felt about themselves, the more likely they were to work hard and perform well.It’s a well-established research finding, but the researchers wanted to know if the same thing was happening in […]

When you breathe deeply, you can stop the flow of CO2 from your body and your breath becomes a form of meditation

By BERNARD BRUCE, USA TODAY Staff writerThe new technology, called breath-holding, has many uses: it can help you keep your mind focused, relax your body, and even help you control your heartbeat, according to a team of researchers from the […]

Is there a better way to throw a guitar than to cut it with a razor?

Guitar techniques can be confusing.What about splitting an acoustic guitar?What about cutting a guitar into smaller pieces?What if you want to make a smaller, more versatile instrument?These are all good questions to ask, but it can be hard to find […]

Why do people want to be the best at something?

Nursing students in the US state of California have taken to social media to share their personal experience of being on a high-intensity exercise programme in which they can’t even move for several hours.A group of US nursing students from […]