‘It’s a real opportunity’: Trump’s top tech advisor explains why he wants to keep a ‘big government’ approach to tech

President Donald Trump’s tech adviser is saying the Trump administration’s focus on data protection and privacy concerns will continue, even as tech companies embrace a “big government” approach to technology.

In an interview with The Wall St Journal, Michael Vachon said that while Trump’s focus has been on technology, the administration is still trying to figure out how to work with the tech industry to create an open and collaborative environment.

“It’s not a partisan issue.

It’s not partisan.

It has to do with what is right for the American people,” Vachonsaid.

“I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a real chance to make progress.

If we could just make that happen, that would be a tremendous achievement.”

While some tech executives have praised Trump’s embrace of innovation and technology, others have criticized the president’s stance on encryption, calling it “unconstitutional.”

“If you’re going to use encryption, you have to get it from somewhere,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a speech last week, in which he compared encryption to the “black magic” of magic.

The president has also voiced skepticism over encryption, even saying in a January speech that encryption is not a technology that should be used by criminals or terrorists.

In response to a question from a reporter at a White House event about the administration’s embrace, Vachsaid said the administration was “very much interested in” the technology and “working with companies.”

“The administration is very much interested.

The White House is very interested.

They’re looking at what the companies are doing, what the technology is, what it’s been proven,” he said.

“We have a very open and open discussion.

We want to be as open as we can.

We need to have a dialogue about encryption.

The American people are looking at it.”

Vachon has a long history with Trump.

He served as a policy adviser to Trump’s campaign and the president has repeatedly praised his former adviser.

In the interview, Vechonsaid said he thinks Trump’s approach is different than the one he’s used before.

“The president and I disagree on certain things.

I think he does a good job with people who disagree with him,” he told the Journal.

“He’s been very responsive.

He’s really been trying to listen to the concerns of the American public and the companies.

We have a great working relationship.”

The administration’s digital policy has been in flux since Trump took office in January, and the tech community has been pushing for a new approach.

In January, Apple released a memo outlining what it believed were important data protection principles, and in July, Amazon also began to publicly discuss its data protection policies.

“As technology advances and advances, our government must work to create a more secure world where data is protected, collected and stored securely,” the companies memo said.