New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter says he can’t wait to be reunited with his former teammate

New York Yankee Derek Jeters says he’s not going to give up on his former team in any way.

The Yankees’ all-time home run leader, who has been battling a knee injury since late last season, said he was thrilled to have the opportunity to reunite with fellow former teammate, catcher Russell Martin, who retired last week.

Martin, who won a World Series ring with the New York Mets in 2001, was the team’s MVP in 2003, after a career that began with the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1950s.

The two played together for six seasons in the majors, and the two were teammates for parts of two World Series.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Jeter said Martin was one of his biggest mentors, and said he could not wait to see how the two will reunite once the Yankees return to the major leagues.

Martin retired after the 2003 season, and Jeter was traded to the Boston Red Sox in 2006 before he became a free agent.

Martin was not the only member of the Yankees to retire in the early 2000s.

Alex Rodriguez retired in 2001.

Former Yankees catcher Ernie Banks, who signed with the Los Angeles Angels in 2000, played in the National League East with the Braves and Royals in the late 1990s.

Banks was the first player to retire from the game in 2001 when he retired after one season.

The 30-year-old Jeter, who is coming off back-to-back 100-homer seasons, said his desire to play again is the same as it was when he first retired.

Jeter said he’s grateful to be able to share the time with his teammates, and he said he is focused on making his comeback as soon as possible.