‘I am a woman and my husband is a man’: My story

I have been married for 15 years, but we have been divorced twice.

On the first occasion, my husband was a doctor, but later he was a police officer, and he also took over my house, and I had to pay Rs.1,200 a month rent.

On my second occasion, he was an IT professional.

We have been living together in a one-room flat, where I am working as a secretary.

My husband is an officer in the Indian Air Force, and my children are students.

My kids have grown up with him and I want them to be independent.

But my husband, who is the only child, feels neglected by me.

I have to live with him in my house and pay him rent.

His job is hard, he said, and we can’t live like this.

I asked him to come and see me.

He declined, and when I tried to visit him, he slapped me and hit me repeatedly on my head.

“My kids will be educated in private schools, not here,” he said.

We had two sons, ages 11 and 11-year-old, but now they are only in secondary schools.

He does not want to take them to school, he says, because his children will have to work.

I said, “You are the father of the two boys.”

He replied, “My wife is a lawyer.

She is doing all the work.

Why can’t I be in charge of them?”

When I asked if he has taken the children to the schools, he replied, ”My wife works as a police constable, and she is responsible for the two children.

We are not allowed to send them to schools.”

My husband has been told that my children will be brought up by an aunt.

The aunt’s name is Bali, but he has no idea who she is.

I don’t want my children to be sent to an aunt, I said.

He replied: “I will take them, and then you will send them home.

I will not be able to pay them any fees.

We will send the money to the mother.

Do not worry about the child.

It will be done by us.”

I asked, “But where is the money coming from?”

He said, ”From my pocket.

“My husband and I live in a small house in Jangpur, which is about 2km from my house.

It has a small bathroom, a kitchen, and a two-room bungalow.

There is no electricity.

I do not know where my money will come from, but I have no idea where I will be spending it.

I was surprised that my husband did not know that the money will be used for the upkeep of the house.

My house has no air conditioning, and the only air is coming from a diesel-powered generator.

I am in a state of shock, said my husband.

The last time I visited him, I asked for a check for his welfare.

“Where is your money going?” “

I do not have any money,” he replied.

“Where is your money going?”

I asked.

“To my daughter.”

My daughter, who was in school, is still in high school.

My children are now in school in Jantar Mantar, a place with a reputation as a place where you can’t go without getting beaten up.

I saw a policeman kick a girl who was being dragged away by her friends in the middle of the road.

I wanted to help her, but my husband grabbed her and beat her up.

He was also involved in beating a girl in the street.

She was injured, and her friend came to her rescue.

“We had to call the police, and they gave us a ticket for a minor traffic offence,” said the policeman who tried to save my daughter.

“But the police took away my money.

They said the money is my property, and no one will take it back.”

The policeman said that the police have to help me pay my daughter’s school fees, as she has to be in school for two years.

He said the police can give me a new ticket if I pay the amount he promised me.

My daughter is in school now.

When I went to visit her, she was crying, crying, she said.

She had to ask me to come back and see her.

I told her that the incident would be investigated, but that I cannot afford to pay for her fees.

I had been told by the police that the case would be closed, she added.

“Why did you beat my daughter?”

I said to her.

“He has a habit of punching me,” she said, as tears streamed down her face.

“When you are angry, he beats you, too,” she added, as the police officer was telling her the story.

I called the police station.

I explained to them that I was going