‘I’m gonna have to do something’: A mother is using her son’s fighting skills to change her life

A mother who is using his fighting skills is going to have to use her own fists to make her son more resilient.She told CBC News the training, called the Nutrient Film Technique, has taught him how to defend himself […]

How to turn your favourite movies into textured painting tips and tricks

A new book has been launched to teach people how to turn their favourite films into textural paintings using techniques from visual art theory.The textured art exhibition, called The Art of Textured Painting, has been created by the Institute of […]

FourFour Two – The Story of The New Order Technique

4FourTwo has announced that its next two albums will feature collaborations with some of the biggest names in music.The four-piece’s debut album The New Age has already been released on Apple Music, and the band is working on a new […]