How to paint your hair using a memory palace technique

Learn how to paint the hair of your favorite celebrities with a memory palace technique.The techniques, which have been described as a modern take on painting, were developed by Russian artist and painter Nikolai Bukovsky, according to his website.In his […]

How to weave your story to get a message across, researchers say

On MSNBC, NPR’s Carrie Johnson spoke with David Gergen, a professor of communication at Stanford University and author of the forthcoming book “Weaving,” about the different ways people use persuasive techniques to get their message across.“There are a lot of […]

How to shoot a new video and make sure you’ve got the right technique

A new technique for making videos has been developed that is supposed to allow you to capture the moment of the shot without using flash, instead capturing the natural movement of your body.The method uses a technique called “spray painting” […]

When Your Yoga Is Your Meditation: How to Build Your Relaxation & Meditation Practice

I have been practicing meditation for over twenty years.But when I began this process, I never expected it to be my only practice.Meditation is about more than just getting rid of pain, it’s about transforming your emotions.And it’s been that […]

When a nursing home shuts down for good

An article by Sarah Clements in Mother Jones.The nursing home where I work in Pennsylvania shut down due to an outbreak of MERS-CoV-19, the most severe coronavirus coronaviruses.The news sent me to a room with a sign hanging from a […]

When you breathe deeply, you can stop the flow of CO2 from your body and your breath becomes a form of meditation

By BERNARD BRUCE, USA TODAY Staff writerThe new technology, called breath-holding, has many uses: it can help you keep your mind focused, relax your body, and even help you control your heartbeat, according to a team of researchers from the […]