How to Use SpongeBob SpongeBob: Spongy, Squishy and Easy to Learn

SpongeBob, the beloved cartoon character and one of the most popular characters in popular culture, has become one of my favorite kids’ characters.I love the simple, bubbly character who is a sponge.I’m also an avid fan of the way he […]

When muscle relaxant drugs fail to make a difference in muscle relaxation, a novel method can help

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a new muscle relaxation technique that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of many commonly used muscle relaxants, including gua shar, which is used for muscle relaxation.The research appears online Feb. […]

‘Downward arrow techniques’ to help with down-regulation of pressure and pressure control

Video journalist and sportscaster Ian Furlong explains how he and a team of medical doctors at the University of Sydney have created a method that involves pulling back on the pressure and controlling it through a series of down-arrow techniques.“Downward […]