When muscle relaxant drugs fail to make a difference in muscle relaxation, a novel method can help

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have developed a new muscle relaxation technique that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of many commonly used muscle relaxants, including gua shar, which is used for muscle relaxation.The research appears online Feb. […]

Manhunt for ‘Elicitation Techniques’ for New Generation of Tech Workers

A new generation of technology workers are increasingly seeking the kind of high-level incentives they are familiar with from the “Elicitance Techniques” genre of movies, books, and television.They are looking for them not just to get paid more, but to […]

Back massage techniques to help you relax after a night of drinking

More than a decade after he began his career as a back massage therapist, Michael Glynn has seen his business grow.Key points:Michael Glynn is an avid back massage practitioner and uses the techniques to get rid of stress and improve […]