‘I want to do something’: Mom’s SpongeBob and Flounder Therapy App gets critical review

With an eye toward making a splash on the Apple App Store, the parents of a toddler and his stuffed poodle are releasing a new app, Mindfulness and Pomodaro, that aims to make mindfulness and meditation easier for people to learn.

The app, called Spongebob, is an app for toddlers to meditate, with a focus on the calming effects of mindfulness and its ability to help parents deal with stress.

It’s also a tool for parents to create “sponge” toys, the two-inch-wide, yellowish-white balls that can be used for play or for decorating.

According to the Spongebobs app description, Spongebubs are designed with a wide range of different shapes and sizes.

The two-foot-long balls have two holes that open and close, and they’re made of silicone and polyethylene plastic, according to the app.

It also includes an instructional video for the SpongeBobs app and other Spongebobos to teach kids about meditation and mindfulness.

The apps creators, Matt Bower and his wife, Jessica, said they decided to launch the app after they noticed a lack of options for children and adults to medicate in a safe and effective way.

The Bowers said they have noticed a decrease in the number of kids and adults with autism, ADHD and other mental health issues who are looking for help with their mental health problems.

“The most difficult thing for them to deal with is the stigma that we’ve seen for so long, and we want to change that,” Matt Bowers told the AP.

“The Spongebros are a safe, effective, non-judgmental, supportive way to find answers for kids and parents who want to help with mental health.”

The SpongeBob app is now available for both Android and iPhone.