Persuasive Writing Techniques for Writers: A guide to getting a good feel for the medium

People love to talk about writing and persuasion, but it’s often overlooked how well they actually work together.In this book, we’ll dive deep into the psychology behind how writers and persuasion work, uncovering how we can apply some of the […]

Learn to Box: Wood Burning Techniques for an Effective Way of Life

Learn to box is a method of self-expression that focuses on building self-confidence by doing things that make you feel good.While the methods are often used for self-improvement, there are also a few other uses.Here are some of them.The Method […]

“Crazy and funny” how the world of science and math changed from a science fiction genre to a science fact

A reader asks: Is the world as we know it today the result of evolution?And if not, what is the alternative?In the new book The World of Science and Math, a group of science writers and mathematicians tackles those questions […]